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Super Balance | Acne Care

Super Balance | Acne Care

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Super Balance is our most powerful beauty probiotic and prebiotic with three strains of inflammation-fighting, healthy bacteria. Formulated to heal your gut and help fight acne and redness caused by inflammation in the body. Juicy mango flavor.


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Customer Reviews

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Jamira Maglipon
This product walks the talk!

Been using this product since last year (with the other 2 variants) and this helped me with my acne problems. When I studying for my post graduate degree, during those stressful nights and days, I had a loooooot of pimples showing up on my face and yup, was too busy to really focus on treating them. BUT! After I graduated, I committed to indulging myself to skincare and selfcare so I purchased their products and was literally the first ever skincare supplements I tried. LUCKILY, these products worked on me.

  • Fade acne scars and dark spots

    Fight hormonal acne

    Specifically target hormone-driven acne around the chin and mouth

  • Fight inflammation in the body

    Heal your microbome to yield benefits across the rest of your body and skin

  • Fight dry skin and redness

    With a healthy microbiome comes glowing, even and glassy skin

  • Promote healthy digestion

    Probiotics and prebiotics to help ensure healthy, smooth-functioning digestion

Get to know our award-winning Super Balance


Powerful probiotic and prebiotic blend, formulated to heal the gut and fight inflammation-caused acne, redness and more.

One pack contains 10 sachets.


Juicy Mango


Lactobacillus acidophilus (probiotic), Lactobacillus casei (probiotic), Lactobacillus paracasei (probiotic), Fructooligosaccharide (prebiotic), Mango juice powder, Mixed lactose powder, Corn starch, Silicon dioxide

10 billion CFU


Consume 1 or 2 sachets per day. No need to mix with water.

We recommend at least 1 month of continuous use to see optimized results.

Probiotics for skin?

There is a proven linkage between our gut and our skin. By healing the gut microbiome through regular consumption of probiotics, we can address numerous dermatological issues, including acne, dryness, redness and more.

Who is Super Balance for?

Dealing with hormonal and other acne, blackheads, zits, or redness? Super Balance can be an effective and safe probiotic to combat these issues.

Award-winning probiotic

Super Balance won Beauty Insider's Reader's Choice award for best skin-focused probiotic

Over 7,000 five-star reviews

No joke — this stuff works.

  • Rebecca H.


    "Effective probiotic that legit helped balance my hormones and clear acne around my mouth. Highly recommend for those struggling with hormonal acne."

  • Julie R.


    "A game changer for my hormonal acne. Has made a noticeable difference in my skin, especially during my period."

  • Krishna J.


    "I've been taking this probiotic for a few months. Around the 3rd week I stopped waking up with zits on my face."